Robert Mueller Played You

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Robert Mueller Played You

There are many times I’ve had to tell a client what they don’t want to hear because they were too late to respond. Clients come up with all sorts of excuses as to why they failed to take action, but I quickly use two examples.

The first, if your doctor says you have a horrible disease like cancer, do you say “okay,” walk out of his office and return a year later seeking treatment after you realize your days on this earth are limited? Of course not.

What if the transmission on your car is slipping and your mechanic advises you that it needs maintenance. Walk away? You’ll be back soon asking for a new transmission. The law is no different and that’s when client’s give me that “I got it” look.

President Trump and his legal team waited too long if they were planning to fire Mueller. As I said in a prior post, Thursday is in my opinion the most important date in Trump’s administration so far. And I’ve said many times before: if Trump stays in the White House it’s a losing situation and if he gets impeached it’s also a losing situation. But, we have to choose the lesser of two evils which I believe is impeachment.

Mueller strung Rudy Giuliani along from day one. Sure, Giuliani kept saying he wanted a Mueller and Trump interview, but that’s what he says on Fox News, not behind closed doors, we all know that. Mueller went about his business plotting along and little by little he has built his case with one conviction after another or indictment, if not a guilty plea. If President Trump fired Mueller from day one, everyone would have been forced to move on. But, that’s the genius of Mueller.

Forget Mueller’s convictions, indictments and guilty pleas. The real genius of Mueller is that he is still playing ball after all this time. I liken Mueller to a majority shareholder in a company where Mueller didn’t kick down the door and said “I’m buying 51% of the company.”

He did it little by little until one day you look up and he’s sitting at the big boys’ table. Just like Warren Buffett who accumulated his wealth one stock at a time and was in it for the long haul, Mueller was in it for the long game.

That’s what Giuliani missed. Mueller’s prosecutors are all hall of famers. Mueller is methodical. Takes his time. He keeps his head down, mouth shut, and works hard.

Last week I compared Mueller to a weed on my lawn. Somehow, one weed turned into ten, into an entire yard full of weeds. Each conviction is another legal weed on the White House lawn and sometimes the weeds are so bad, you have to kill all the grass around it to start fresh and add a new layer of sod. That new grass is the midterm elections.

Today is National Voter Registration Day. Go register to vote and vote early if possible.

Can President Trump fire Rosenstein to get to Mueller? Sure, but like I said, that’s starting your treatments when it’s too late. At the point, tick tock.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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