Robert Mueller Wins Round 1 Against Jerome Corsi

Jerome Corsi’s lawsuit against Special Counsel Robert Mueller for $350 million also included a motion to have the case heard before U.S. District Judge Richard Leon.

Corsi’s attorney, Larry Klayman had other cases pending in the past before Judge Leon, but those cases were dismissed with prejudice “permanently.” Judge Leon’s ruling was based on Corsi’s case have no relation to the prior Klayman cases.

“As I wrote in my show cause order, the general rule in this Court is that cases are ‘assigned to judges of this Court selected at random,’” he began. “This rule exists for good reason: it promotes fairness both in terms of the allocation of caseload to our judges and in terms of how the public perceives the case distribution process. Equally important, if not more so: our random assignment process is designed to minimize, if not eliminate, intentional efforts by litigants to game the system and secure the judge of their choice.”

“A ‘related case’ is not whatever a plaintiff wishes it to be,” ruled Judge Leon.

Corsi and Klayman have filed ethics complaints in the past against Special Counsel Mueller ’s Office. This comes after a failed plea deal between Corsi and Mueller.

It should be noted that Judge Leon is a Republican conservative appointed by former President George W. Bush.

In response to the Judge’s ruling, Corsi who has blocked me on Twitter, tweeted:

“Judge Leon referred the case to be assigned to a random District Court judge. RESULT from TODAY: CORSI v MUELLER court case WILL NOW PROCEED. Mueller is best advised to settle now because WE WON’T QUIT until DEEP STATE is exposed, even if it takes going to Supreme Court to win.,” Corsi tweeted.

Based on Judge Leon’s ruling, Corsi’s tweet is deflecting at a minimum, but then again, he is a conspiracy theorist.

Judge Leon’s ruling can be seen below.

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