Roger Stone and a Second Law Professor of Mine

Roger Stone retained the services of my former law professor Bruce Rogow, a couple of months back. Rogow is best known for representing rap group 2 Live Crew back in the eighties, but he has a long list of top clients and high profile cases, which includes representing President Trump.

Rogow is top notch and I have no doubt he will do an excellent job representing Stone. But, now I find out there is a second professor of mine tied into Stone.

Like Rogow, Scott Rothstein was my professor in my last semester of law school. To put it bluntly, Rothstein was and still is to this day the biggest ass#### I have ever met.

Looking for the classroom was my first interaction with Rothstein. I bumped into Rothstein and I asked “excuse me, do you know where Professor Rothstein’s class is?”

With an arrogant and aggressive tone, “I’m Scott Rothstein.”

Now, we are both staring at each other in that moment of awkward silence and I’m thinking who is this ass#### and he hasn’t answered my question. As I said in the beginning, I’m in my last semester of law school, so the intimidation factor is long gone.

I ask, not intending to be a smart ass, “do you know where your classroom is?” He rolled eyes and opened the door to a room.

I followed him into the “classroom” which was probably a storage room for the last three years and explains why I had no idea that room even existed. It was basically the size of the kitchen in my house. Now is when it gets good.

In this kitchen sized room, about a dozen desks are pushed together and I felt like I was at arm’s length from Rothstein. First words out of his mouth: “I’m Scott Rothstein and my ego is so fu##ing big, that it came here in its own Porsche 911.”

WTF? Who is this clown? But he continues.

“Yeah, I have two identical red Porsches. One for me and one for my fuc#### ego.”

Is this guy serious? This has to be a joke.

Right there one student gets up and walks out. As the student reaches for the door, halfway out, Rothstein snickers “puss#.” The student turned around confused, gave thought to his next move, and just kept walking. Remember when I mentioned the intimidation factor? I was intimidated now!

Students kept walking out and he kept calling them pu#####. I was now officially terrified on multiple fronts, but I rationalized. I had a professor in college by the name of Dr. Snow at F.I.U. that the first day of class he gave a long list of how many books had to be read, papers written, and exams given.

People dropped his class like a bad habit. It was enough work for at least four college level courses, but when you appeared in class next week, there would be less than ten students enrolled and he would say “good.” He lied on purpose to have them drop the class and teach a smaller amount of students since as he said, he got paid the same, so no need to have more students than necessary.

Back to Rothstein. The cursing continues. Everybody that walks out he says an obscenity to, and he said “this is Trial Advocacy, I can’t have a bunch of pus#### in here.”

Now I’m ready to go, but if he calls me a p####, we got a problem. I’ll be terrified, but I will confront him, and the last thing I need is to punch this clown and get kicked out of school, if not arrested. I can kiss my career goodbye before it ever started. I went with Plan B.

I raised my hand a few times and pretended to be interested in what he said and I figured the more active I was in class, the less likely he would call on me. It worked. The next day I dropped the class!

Years later, I see that Rothstein is hobnobbing with the big shots. Former Governor Charlie Crist and presidential candidate at the time John McCain. These campaign fundraisers were held at Rothstein’s waterfront mansion in Fort Lauderdale. He owned several Bugatti’s that he parked in front of his restaurant on Las Olas Blvd. and rumor is he owned most of the block.

WTF? How did this happen?

Then, my questions were answered. Rothstein ran the largest Ponzi scheme in Florida’s history, even had the CNN documentary series “American Greed” do an episode on him.

Turns out, back then it was easy to lie about your accomplishments, and Rothstein portrayed himself to be a big shot criminal defense attorney. He only had one trial under his belt and apparently it was a disability lawsuit if memory serves me correct.

Now comes Roger Stone.

Stone has seen more lawsuits and courtrooms than most attorneys, and Rothstein’s bankruptcy was one of those times.

Per the lawsuit filed by the Trustee’s office, Rothstein paid Stone $400,000 for political consultancy work between 2006 and 2009.

That case ultimately settled for far less since apparently, Stone was broke at the time.

As to Rothstein? He was ready to skip out of the country on his private jet and millions in cash, but he developed a conscious along the way to Morocco and turned himself into the FBI, and is now serving a 50 year prison sentence.

Rumor is that he flipped on the mob and they are looking to make a hit on him. His name has been wiped out from the federal database.

Here is an article about him in Wikipedia.

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