Roger Stone is Next on Robert Mueller’s List

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Roger Stone and Andrew Miller, a match made up in hedonistic heaven.

Roger Stone is Next on Robert Mueller’s List

Roger Stone, the former informal/formal campaign adviser for President Trump is in Robert Mueller’s crosshairs.

Roger Stone’s campaign adviser, Andrew Miller, was under grand jury subpoena to testify this past Friday, but he failed to appear meaning he is being held in contempt of court.

Kristin Davis, known as the “Manhattan Madam” was also scheduled to appear before the grand jury and was known to have appeared voluntarily for an interview with Mueller’s team.

Miller’s attorney Paul Kamenar, continues to make the same losing argument as every other attorney before him, that Robert Mueller’s appointment is unconstitutional. Good luck with that one. What’s the definition of insanity again?

Mueller started with Kristin Davis who is very close to Roger Stone. Stone is not only the godfather to Davis’ child, but Davis and Stone have also worked together in the past.

Now you have Miller, a former adviser to Stone that is willing to accept a contempt of court charge which could result in serving jail time, rather than to speak to Mueller. Why?

Miller could have pled the Fifth if need be to protect himself against self-incrimination. He also could have flipped and negotiated with Mueller for immunity. The fact that he did neither raises more questions.

Miller can’t be seeking leverage against Mueller in negotiating an immunity deal by first getting held in contempt of court. As a matter of fact, he’s lost all leverage at this point unless he is willing to stay in jail indefinitely. While Mueller could use Miller’s help, I doubt that Miller holds all the keys to every door that Mueller needs to unlock to get Roger Stone.

The only logical conclusion is that he is trying to protect Roger Stone more than himself. The question is why and from what? No doubt, his knowledge of Russia’s election meddling.

Miller could also be seeking to delay appearing before the grand jury past the mid-term elections with the hope that Republicans control the House and the Senate. By then, Brett Kavanaugh may be holding a seat on the Supreme Court and President Trump can take any action he wishes such as firing Rod Rosenstein and replacing him with another Deputy Attorney General that is willing to fire Mueller.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions already recused himself and can’t do it, and it is unlikely at the moment that President Trump will do it just to avoid the chaos and constitutional crisis.

Miller’s risk is a huge one and one that is most likely to fail. Considering that he is willing to face jail rather than speak to Mueller, indicates he knows a lot and is looking to sell himself to the highest bidder.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.

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