Roger Stone, Jeff Bezos’ Misstress, The National Enquirer, and President Trump

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Nothing like sibling rivalry.

Per the Daily Beast, the sexy text messages between Amazon founder and owner of the Washington Post Jeff Bezos with his mistress, Lauren Sanchez, was given to the National Enquirer by her brother, Michael Sanchez.

The attorney for AMI, which is the parent company of The National Enquirer, spent the weekend doing media interviews.

In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Elkan Abramowitz said “the story was given to the National Enquirer by a reliable source that had given information to the National Enquirer for seven years prior to this story. It was a source that was well known to both Mr. Bezos and Ms. Sanchez.”

Abramowitz did not reveal his source because of confidentiality.

Per the Washington Post, Sanchez heard from AMI staffers that they were in the middle of “a takedown to make Trump happy.”

The Daily Beast wrote it reviewed documents that show that Michael Sanchez believed the Enquirer pursued its story about Bezos with “President Trump’s knowledge and appreciation” and by Sanchez’s estimation, by Republican operatives “who THINK Jeff gets up every morning and has a WaPo meeting to plot its next diabolical attack on President Trump.”

I wrote just a few days ago the obvious connection between Trump and the Bezos’ scandal, wondering to what extent if any the President was involved.

I would also have to believe that this will result in House Democrats issuing subpoenas to further investigate the matter.

But, where it gets interesting is that Bezos most likely released the communications in order to jeopardize Pecker’s plea agreement with Mueller.

Because of that, we know that Pecker is willing to “flip” on Trump and could likely do so again in order to save himself. Which means if any communications were made to Trump, Pecker is likely to admit that.

This means that President Trump could face a conspiracy charge if Pecker is charged with extortion.

The Daily Beast writes there is no proof nor did anyone imply there was a hack by Michael Sanchez and that Bezos who hired investigator Gavin de Becker, also found no evidence of a hack, but seemed to believe from the beginning that Michael was involved.

Furthermore, senior staffers from AMI communicated with a source that Michael did in fact provide the text messages to the National Enquirer. Michael seems to have a relationship with AMI dating back several years.

In addition, what adds a twist to this story is that Michael Sanchez is a pro-Trump supporter with personal and business connections to Roger Stone, Carter Page, and Scottie Nell Hughes.

Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

Alexander Hernandez
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The Daily Beast article can be found here.

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