Roger Stone Pleads the Fifth

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With Roger Stone pleading the 5th, how long before a Robert Mueller indictment is handed down?

Roger Stone Pleads the Fifth

Only the mob pleads the Fifth. Actually, that’s not true but that’s at least what President Trump likes to say, I guess ignoring the fact that his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn originally asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and now it’s Roger Stone.

Stone through his attorneys, sent a letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein that he would not submit documents because “Mr. Stone decries secrecy. He will not subject himself to the innuendo of non-public proceedings. Nor will he confirm the existence of, or produce the documents of the request, for the purpose of being used in secret proceedings.”

Good move, not true, but good move nonetheless because Stone could reach an agreement just like former FBI Director James Comey that while he will testify behind closed doors, he will have the full transcripts within twenty-four hours and has a right to publish the transcripts publicly. In addition, let’s not forget that Stone has made a career out of being a “dirty trickster” and his whole career has been about secrecy by spreading lies, rumors, and innuendo.


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James Comey Reaches Deal with Subpoena by Republicans

James Comey, the former Director of the FBI that was fired by President Trump, has reached a last minute deal to testify before House Republicans

It was just earlier this week that the President was touting Stone for having guts, but as Senator Mark Warner tweeted and I blogged about, this could result in witness tampering.



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President Trump Commits Witness Tampering

As President Trump keeps tweeting away, he’s digging a hole for himself and Mueller is watching.


I’d like to send the President this video clip of him and who pleads the Fifth Amendment, but he will just say it’s fake news.

You can read the letter sent by Stone’s attorney to Senator Dianne Feinstein via this link or see her post on Twitter.


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