Roger Stone Ready to Argue “Vindictive Prosecution” by Robert Mueller. Very Desperate

According to Roger Stone’s legal defense team, they may be ready to argue that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is after Stone because of “vindictive prosecution.”

Apparently, they have no real legal argument, so prepare yourself for more smoke and mirrors.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson who will be sentencing Paul Manafort next week had requested a deadline on motions related to charges of witness tampering and perjury to Congress.

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Because of the amount of data provided to the defense team, instead they filed a cryptic three-page motion which seems like an effort to buy more time.

“While the defendant cannot say with specificity or certainty at this point in the proceedings, the defendant and counsel can advise that we may file a motion regarding selective or vindictive prosecution. We may file a motion to dismiss regarding error in the grand-jury proceeding.”

No need for a law degree for this one. Vindictive prosecution? Good luck with that one.

This seems more like an attempt by Stone to continue to win in the court of public opinion with supporters, but since his case is being tried in the court of law, I would guess his efforts would be better focused there. Not to mention that Judge Jackson has not come across like the type of judge that likes to play games.

Stone’s motion can be seen below.

Roger Stone Motion Indicati… by on Scribd

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