Roger Stone Should Be Worried

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Roger Stone may be the connection for collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Roger Stone Should Be Worried

Roger Stone knows that Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants him. Not only has Stone made that clear publicly in media interviews, but he also has his legal defense fund.


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FU & Your Legal Defense Funds

Is there any logic to these legal defense funds being set up by millionaires?


But, now that Paul Manafort is singing and without the use of his insanely expensive Karaoke machine, Stone’s time is running out. I’m actually surprised it has taken this long, but maybe that is an indication that there is a lot of evidence to review and maybe Stone ends up being the “big fish.” Considering that Manafort and Stone were business partners back in the day in a lobbying firm, if someone has information on Stone, it would definitely be Manafort.

Besides Manafort, there is Randy Credico who has already made clear that he will be pleading the Fifth before the Senate Intelligence Committee, but Credico has testified before the grand jury in Mueller’s probe. Stone has been pointing the finger at Credico from the beginning, saying he is the middleman in all this, but Credico has emails proving otherwise.


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Roger Stone Associate Looking for Immunity

Randy Credico is the key and connection to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, and the hacking of Hillary Clinton’s email and the server at the DNC (Democratic National Committee).


The issue surrounding Stone is simple enough: his knowledge of the WikiLeaks hack of Hillary Clinton’s emails and his communications with Guccifer 2.0 who is believed to a Russian hacker. Stone, like every other person associated with Trump, continues to play their case out before the media, a huge mistake, and there is no doubt that Mueller and his team are looking at those inconsistencies. It is for this reason that Mueller has spoken to many of those tied into Stone.


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Roger Stone’s Interviews Will Get Him Busted

Roger Stone’s prior interviews are being listened by Robert Mueller in order to determine Stone’s contact with WikiLeak’s Julian Assange.


But, as much as the legal experts and the media is reporting that Mueller is looking into obstruction of justice more than collusion which would be harder to prove, then why the focus on Stone? The Clinton email dump happened the day after President Trump said at one of his cult rallies that he “loves WikiLeaks” and literally said if they were listening, to release the emails and it was within twenty-four hours. Coincidence?

There’s your collusion and Stone is the connection.

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