Roger Stone’s Case Moving Fast- Prison Getting Closer

Per a court filing, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors said they will need approximately five to eight days for a trial in Roger Stone’s case.

Judge Amy Jackson has scheduled a status conference May 14, when she is expected to announce a trial date.

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Like Paul Manafort, Roger Stone Wants to go to Prison. Read Between the Lines!

I’ve written numerous posts arguing that Paul Manafort wanted to go to prison.

Manafort, what felt like ions ago, was out on bond. Yet, he was contacting witnesses and returned to jail, this time in solitary confinement for witness tampering.

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Manafort then takes a guaranteed losing case to trial. Then after his conviction on eight counts of fraud, decides to cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. What does Manafort do next?

He violates the plea deal by continuing to contact the White House and lies to Mueller.

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Manafort has taken zero steps to get out of prison, but plenty of steps to stay in prison. You know who else is doing the same? Roger Stone.

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While out on bond, Stone threatened Judge Amy Jackson with an Instagram post. Jail was definitely a possibility, but Judge Jackson ruled correctly in a full gag order on Stone. So, what does Stone do? He violates the gag order.

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Stone reached out to multiple media outlets to state that Michael Cohen’s statements before the House Oversight Committee were false about him and President Trump discussing the WikiLeaks email hack and dump of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

That is technically a violation which could put Stone in jail. But, just in case, Stone still isn’t done!

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Stone was in court on Friday because apparently, Stone did not disclose the “imminent” publication of a book. Again, another violation of the gag order. 

In her court order, Judge Jackson wrote:

“It is FURTHER ORDERED that defendant shall file an additional submission by March 4, 2019 identifying the specific date of the ‘imminent general release’ of the book … and explaining why this matter — which was known to the defendant — was not brought to the Court’s attention.”

Now, to be clear, this isn’t normal in a criminal case by any stretch of the imagination. So why did Manafort and now Stone, take steps to go to jail? Who were they both in bed with?

It’s safer in prison than out as a free man!

Alexander Hernandez
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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