Roger Stone’s Interviews Will Get Him Busted

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Roger Stone, Julian Assange WikiLeaks Photo- Associated Press

Roger Stone’s Interviews Will Get Him Busted

Remember Roger Stone and Special Counsel Robert Mueller? It’s been a while since we have been distracted with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, but, new reporting indicates time is running out for Roger Stone.

Roger Stone and Randy Credico were friends once upon a time, until Stone threw Credico under the “save my own ass” bus when testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Stone said that he didn’t have direct contact with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, but used Credico as an official back channel, an accusation that Credico has denied. So, who is telling the truth?

Mueller’s team obtained radio interviews between Credico and Stone where Stone says he used a mutual friend. It wouldn’t make any sense for Stone to be referencing Credico since Credico was the one actually doing the interview. However, when asked again by Credico, Stone replied:

“I described it as a back channel. I think in another interview I may have said intermediary. In the third interview I said a mutual friend. They are all true. They’re all consistent and what I learned from this person, and don’t blame me if I had better sources than the mainstream media was very simply this, that Assange had a substantial of information on Hillary Clinton and he would drop it in October.”

Credico has already asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination before the House Intelligence Committee and through his attorney, it has been confirmed he will again before the Senate Intelligence Committee. However, Credico did testify before the grand jury. This means that Credico may be looking for an immunity deal and if he gets one which is highly likely, he will be flipping on Stone.

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randy credico testifies, roger stone testifies, robert mueller roger stoneI’ll Scratch Your Back- Randy Credico and Roger Stone

Randy Credico has now been subpoenaed by the Senate Intelligence Committee and considering he has been saying during media interviews that Roger Stone was trying to buy him off by paying his attorney’s fees, we now know what he most likely testified about before the Grand Jury.


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Randy Credico, former friend associate of Roger Stone will be testifying before the grand jury.


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“There is no circumstance in which I intend to be pressured in order to testify against the president. First of all, I have nothing that I could say about him that would be negative. Secondarily, I’m just not going to do that.”


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