Roger Stone’s Latest Conspiracy

Have no doubt that Roger Stone will make a circus out of his case. He has done so already, and like President Trump, he has mastered the art of deception and distraction.

Stone’s latest conspiracy theory is an attempt to put Special Counsel Robert Mueller on the defense, a move that will undoubtedly fail and not put him in the good graces of the court. When Stone runs out of money, he will run out of conspiracies and take a guilty plea like the rest of them.

Stone wants to hold Special Counsel Mueller’s office in contempt for leaking his indictment to CNN. Remember, CNN filmed Stone’s arrest as it happened at his house in Fort Lauderdale.

CNN has replied repeatedly to these allegations by saying they were staking out Stone’s house because they saw unusual activity at Mueller’ office. Stone bases his argument that there was no time stamp on the indictment.

“A person with privileged access to a ‘draft’ of Roger Stone’s Indictment, identical to that which had been filed under seal … had — in violation of the Court’s Order — publicly distributed the Indictment prior to its release from the sealing ordered by the Court,” the filing says.

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The reality is the indictment was sent out minutes after Stone’s arrest which included a link to the same copy of the indictment without a PACER time stamp.

Later that morning, Mueller’s office updated its link to an indictment with the time stamped markings.

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I’ve always told people that their career affects their personal life. As an attorney, I can tell you when I walk into a room, I see places where liability exists. If you are in retail and sell clothing, shoes, etc… you notice what people are wearing. When you are a conspiracy theorist, you see conspiracy theories everywhere, but ignore the facts.

Add to that that Stone wants to spread disinformation and you have a circus that will get shut down in a hurry by Judge Amy Jackson. This isn’t county court, this is the federal judiciary in the most important case in our nation’s history.

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