Ron DeSantis Racist GOP POS, Part II

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Ron DeSantis, Governor Candidate (Republican) for Florida. Photo credit- Fox News

Ron DeSantis Racist GOP POS, Part II

Where’s the smoke, there’s a political wildfire. Is Republican candidate for Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis a racist?

Well, let’s go back to day one. Within a dozen hours of DeSantis winning the primary for Governor, in an interview with Fox News, DeSantis made reference to the Mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum who is African-American and said let’s not “monkey this up.”

It’s safe to say that probably no one had ever heard that statement made before and if it is not meant to be a racist statement, DeSantis did a pretty damn good job of making it sound like one. He could just take back that statement, apologize for it being misinterpreted, but more on that later.

I did read in one place that “monkey this up” is a NAVY term and DeSantis was in the NAVY, but truth be told, I can’t find confirmation anywhere on the veracity of that statement and I’ve yet to see former NAVY people confirming it either, especially on behalf of DeSantis.

I’m Not a Racist But I Hang Out With Racists

Now, the Washington Post is reporting that DeSantis spoke four times at a conference organized by conservative activist David Horowitz at the annual David Horowitz Freedom Center Restoration Weekend. As a politician, the first question that should come to mind is who else is speaking at this event?

How about racist and polarizing figures such as former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulis, Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka and Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders. By the way, Horowitz believes whites are the victims of a race war called “black skin privilege.”

Who else is part of the list of degenerates speaking at this event? Well, DeSantis spoke alongside Katie Hopkins, a conservative in British media who is anti-Muslim. And guess who President Trump is supporting?

DeSantis, which is a carbon copy of President Trump with less money in his bank account, just research his absurd campaign commercials, is on the Trump Train that Andrew Gillum is a socialist. Republicans just love to make things up, don’t they? Facts are alternative and the “truth isn’t the truth.”

But of course, it is possible that DeSantis who seems to be running on a “I’m a racist platform, vote for me,” had a chance to correct his past mistakes and just show that everything he said about Gillum was simply a mistake.

Let’s call it media manipulation since I’m sure he believes the “media is the enemy of the people.” But, DeSantis didn’t and I find it even more strange that he won’t just say it is a Navy term that has nothing to do with racism.

On Fox News (see the pattern) with Neil Cavuto and accompanied by his Lieutenant Governor Candidate Jeaneete Nunez, Cavuto asked him flat out any concern about the “monkey this up” comment.

Nuñez answered that it’s “ludicrous” and told Cavuto that’s not what Floridian voters are focused on. Wrong there, I’m focused on it. By the way, Marco Rubio not only supports DeSantis, but he convinced Nunez to run with DeSantis. That’s why the only time so far I’ve liked Rubio was in his confrontation with conspiracy loco Alex Jones from InfoWars.

Next, Cavuto throws DeSantis a political softball to hit it out of the park. Cavuto says “that gives you another opportunity to clarify that. And I know that you have or tried to across the state and elsewhere. But in retrospect, do you regret using that term?”

Neil, it’s a phony controversy. It’s being drummed up to try and distract from the clear issues that we have that are front and center facing Floridians. Nobody has been able to be elected in Florida running on a 40 percent tax increase. He wants the single-payer system.”

Cavuto tried once again, giving DeSantis another opportunity to get it right, but DeSantis can’t see past his racist nose. Cavuto asks “if you had your druthers again, would you have used that term.”

DeSantis- “of course not. “We cannot go down the road of nonstop political correctness.”

So, is a DeSantis a racist? I think it is safe to answer that question with a yes. Using racist terminology and refusing to apologize for doing so isn’t about being politically correct. It’s about not being a racist ass####.

At this point, DeSantis should drop out of the race for Florida’s Governor and run for the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. At least I would respect him more for being true to himself rather than hiding behind the veil of racist double talk.

Vote Gillum.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex


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