Rudy Giuliani and President Trump Busted – Trump Tower Moscow

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Rudy Giuliani and President Trump Busted – Trump Tower Moscow

Read the Letter of Intent signed by President Trump

Michael Cohen said that President Trump had signed a Letter of Intent for the Trump Tower in Moscow known as the “Moscow Project.” But of course, Cohen has been called a “rat” by President Trump and Rudy Giuliani, and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirms that sentiment.

Who is to believe a “rat” if we are to believe the mob boss President?

Per Giuliani, there was no letter of intent, well, may be there was, but if there was, it definitely wasn’t signed, at least that is what Giuliani told CNN’s Dana Bash.

Giuliani is dumb enough to not realize he was being set up, so last night, CNN’s Chris Cuomo showed the signed letter of intent.

Once again, Giuliani is incompetent, crazy, a liar, or it’s part of his disinformation P.R. campaign.

President Trump once said he didn’t remember anything about the letter, even citing a story by a Fox News correspondent, so Trump believed he never signed it. Time for common sense.

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President Trump has been trying to build a Trump Tower in Russia since the eighties, he finally gets a Letter of Intent and he can’t remember it?

Maybe Trump has dementia, at least I’ve written that is how he will leave the White House to make himself the victim and turn his political defeat into a non-existent victory.

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The interesting part, how many times has President Trump said he has nothing to do with Russia?

The Miss Universe Pageant? The Trump Tower meeting?

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Yet, the letter of intent was signed by the President on October 28, 2015 and per Cohen, negotiations and communications existed through June of 2016.

Of course, Giuliani put his foot in his mouth by saying that contacts continued for five to six months more after that, as far as November of 2016. That makes no sense, and it definitely doesn’t help Trump, but Giuliani rarely says anything that does.

As more and more information continues to come out, you are pretty much guaranteed that President Trump in one way or another, was compromised by Putin and Russia.

Yet again, the President has lied to the American public about his business dealings with a foreign enemy nation, but Republicans would rather be communists than Democrats. Just Google it.

The best part, Republicans and supporters point to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for being a socialist, but look out your window, like Sarah Palin said, she could see Russia from Alaska, which is true, now so can you.

The Letter of Intent for the Moscow Project can be read below.

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