Rudy Giuliani and President Trump Ready to Hide the Truth

Rudy Giuliani, who by the latest reporting based on Bob Woodward’s book gets abused on the regular by President Trump, is now stating that when Special Counsel Robert Mueller completes his investigation, President Trump is likely to block the report.

Claiming Executive Privilege, Giuliani says that Mueller’s report may be either blocked in its entirety, if not portions of it. Here’s a logical question? Why? See a familiar pattern yet?

One hundred thousand documents pertaining to Brett Kavanaugh were not produced by President Trump because he also claimed Executive Privilege. Nothing like backroom deals.

Of course, Republicans are repeating the mantra over and over again that more documents have been produced in regards to Kavanaugh, more than any other Supreme Court pick. That’s true, but that’s because Kavanaugh has a long history working in government whether as a law clerk or judge.

If not, Republicans are claiming some of the documents just weren’t important. So, Republicans are doing the dirty work for Democrats? How nice of them. Why not have Democrats decide what is relevant and what is not. Since most in Congress are attorneys, let them figure this out.

When asked, Giuliani told The New Yorker that he is sure to object to the report, but the final decision is left up to President Trump. Any guess on what Trump will do?

Of course, Giuliani also states he will be releasing soon his own report on Mueller’s investigation.

That’s like a teacher giving you a grade on your report, then you turn around and grade your teacher on how you were graded.

Since I compare Giuliani to Vincent Gambino, the character played by Joe Pesci in “My Cousin Vinny,” Giuliani’s report does not have to be so detailed. It could be as simple as Gambino’s opening statement to the jury- “everything he just said is bull####!”

Realistically, what do you think Giuliani’s report is going to read other than include zero based conclusions citing Devin Nunes’ findings.

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