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Latest News Related to President Trump’s Attorney in the Robert Mueller Investigation


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Over Rudy Giuliani’s Dead Body

When will Special Counsel Robert Mueller and President Trump meet?


Another Crazy Conspiracy by Rudy Giuliani

Another Crazy Conspiracy by Rudy Giuliani

Someone should investigate who is invading Rudy Giuliani’s “texts” on Twitter.



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Unethical Rudy Giuliani and the Mueller Probe

Rudy Giuliani accuses Special Counsel of being unethical when in fact, Giuliani’s representation of President Trump has been anything but ethical.


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Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s Mysterious Ties to Russia and Former Soviet Union Go Back Decades Experts Argue

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s attorney in the Robert Mueller investigation, has connections to Russia going back decades just like Trump does.


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Rudy Giuliani is Broke

Of course, now that Rudy Giuliani is getting divorced, he has no money to pay alimony to his soon to be ex-spouse- Judith Giuliani. The divorce was filed because of Rudy’s extramarital affair with Maria Rosa who is also married.


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Hurry Up and Take Your Time- Rudy Giuliani

Now that Rudy Giuliani “finally” got questions from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, when is President Trump answering it? No time soon.


Rudy Giuliani Got Played by Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Mueller speaks with actions, not words. And of all the successes he has had, the fact that he is still the Special Counsel in the Russia Election Meddling Probe is biggest accomplishment so far.


Robert Mueller Played You


Rudy “Gibberish” Giuliani “Truth isn’t Truth”

Yes, Gibberish Giuliani did it again. This time he is actually saying that the truth isn’t the truth. What is a lie then?

Rudy “Gibberish” Giuliani “Truth isn’t Truth”


Rudy Giuliani + Fox News+ Interview = Gibberish

Attention to aspiring lawyers: DON’T BE RUDY GIULIANI IF YOU VALUE YOUR REPUTATION. Trust me- in the legal profession- that’s all you have.

Rudy Giuliani + Fox News+ Interview = Gibberish


Why Rudy Giuliani Has Lost the Respect of the Legal Community

Does Giuliani even speak with other members of the legal team? Or, does he just go out and wing it without consulting with anyone with a master plan to create more confusion?

Why Rudy Giuliani Has Lost the Respect of the Legal Community


President Trump’s Legal Team Strategy- Delay. Delay. Delay.

How long does it take to decide whether or not President Trump should meet with Robert Mueller? An hour? A week? A year. Giuliani doesn’t want a Mueller-Trump meeting. His whole game plan is to delay this as much as possible and continue to point the finger at Mueller if anything goes wrong.

President Trump’s Legal Team Strategy- Delay. Delay. Delay.

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