Rudy Giuliani Says No Pardons and More Stupid Things

Rudy “Gibberish” Giuliani continues with his lies and manipulation of the facts to protect a corrupt President.

In his latest interview with NBC News, Giuliani says that he and President Trump discussed the issue of pardons stemming from the Robert Mueller investigation. I wonder if Giuliani cleared this consultation with the President first, if not, it is a violation of attorney-client privilege.

Per Giuliani- “we discussed it in early June and we agreed no pardons during the investigation.” KEYWORD- “during the investigation.”

This administration and the supporting staff of cult followers love to play legal Scrabble and semantics with the American people. Giuliani could have said never, or we won’t do it to be more clear. Instead, not “during the investigation.” I guess when Mueller is done, we know the pardons will come faster at us than a tornado.

Of course, President Trump in his Fox News interview, didn’t come out and reject the possibility all together either of a Manafort pardon. Yet, what do you expect from a President that not only Tweets about what a great guy Paul Manafort is, but also discusses it publicly in his Fox News interview. What’s not to love about a 69 year old convicted felon?

But, Giuliani isn’t done because the only thing we see and hear with this administration more of than corruption is stupidity.

It’s a white collar crime, who the heck is in jeopardy, the American public? I have as much sympathy for Manafort as the President does.” Rudy Giuliani interview with the Daily News.

Giuliani, who has become America’s most ignorant former federal prosecutor and mayor, I guess doesn’t understand how tax fraud works. Let’s do a quick summary.

Taxes are used for things that as the public, we enjoy and receive a benefit from. Important stuff like schools, parks, law enforcement, even the roads that Giuliani gets chauffeured on.

If someone doesn’t pay their taxes, then the government has to put money out of their own pocket to make up for the loses. Who needs taxes, right? Giuliani should be disbarred by now.

I have no idea how the jury reached the verdict they did.”

It may have to do with the paper trail that wraps around the earth eight times. How many pieces of evidence were introduced? Four hundred if memory serves me correct.

Manafort is hardly a menace to society.”

Giuliani is an embarrassment to lawyers everywhere.

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