Rudy Giuliani Says Thanks But No Thanks to Special Counsel Robert Mueller

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Rudy Giuliani, President Trump, Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Rudy Giuliani Says Thanks But No Thanks to Special Counsel Robert Mueller

The only way I could think of describing Giuliani’s fluff legal strategy, is by saying he has champagne test and a beer budget. For a guy in no position to ask for anything, he sure seems to always be asking for something. The reality, it’s just appealing to President Trump’s base.

Giuliani, the older not as sane version of Michael Cohen, called on special counsel Robert Mueller to conclude his probe “without further delay.” Based on what legal authority?

Giuliani was a former prosecutor. I cannot imagine defense counsel calling him and saying conclude your investigation without further delay! Of course, not, because again, it’s all fluff.

Robert Mueller will finish his investigation when he is ready to finish his investigation. Giuliani and President Trump are just concerned that Mueller will wrap up everything close to the elections. If that’s the case, then they can sit down with Mueller tomorrow if they want and I’m sure the investigation will be over by lunchtime. Apparently, Giuliani believes he can pressure Mueller.

Giuliani also rejected Mueller’s terms on any possible questioning of Trump. Again, it’s like the guy with bad credit, no proof of income, or even money for a deposit on a new car making all these demands.

The Perjury Trap

The perjury trap sounds official and sinister sounding. But, guess what? There’s no trap. There’s either a lie or there isn’t. The perjury trap that Giuliani and Jay Sekulow fear is nothing but a catchy phrase to get Trump supporters yelling “witch hunt.” Let’s be honest, perjury trap is another way of saying “caught in a lie.” And the only way to be caught in a lie is if you actually lie.

You would think with the universe’s greatest negotiator as a client and Giuliani saying he was going to wrap this up in two weeks, we would be done by now. But, we aren’t. So, ask yourself this one question- why not?

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