Rudy Giuliani’s Made Up Labor Day Cut-Off

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Rudy Giuliani and Robert Mueller.

Rudy Giuliani’s Made Up Labor Day Cut-Off

Labor Day is here and nothing has changed. From day one, Rudy Giuliani kept hinting directly or indirectly, that Robert Mueller had to make a move or decision before Labor Day. The weekend will start for those on the east coast in less than six hours and all remains the same.

From day one, Rudy Giuliani has been trying to pressure Robert Mueller into a corner. It didn’t work and never will. Robert Mueller is not one to be bullied and Giuliani has become nothing other than President Trump’s new legal bully since Michael Cohen is no longer available.

Giuliani and the rest of President Trump’s legal team had three goals when it comes to defending Trump against impeachment and a possible indictment: delay, delay, delay.


It is rare to say the least, that a defense team wants to speed up a case, and they surely don’t want to do it when it comes to President Trump. I’ve said it from day one, delay the Robert Mueller investigation as much as possible is the legal tactic.

With some luck, 2020 rolls around and President Trump will run out the door. Although, if President Trump doesn’t make it to the 2020 Presidential Elections, I have my own theory how the President will run out the White House front doors.


So now, the “Labor Day” cut-off is here. The media swallowed up Giuliani’s statements on a date certain, but there is no guarantee of a date and Robert Mueller will let you know when he lets you know.

In the meantime, we will see what gibberish Giuliani starts spewing out next week when he says that Mueller is too close to the mid-term election cycle, which in all reality, is irrelevant to Mueller’s investigation.

But, in order to get Trump’s base excited about something because of their limited attention span, you need a conspiracy theory, and what better than Deep State member Mueller trying to affect the outcome of the mid-term elections.

The fact that Mueller is life-long Republican is irrelevant when it comes to the alternative facts.

Robert Mueller has one ethical obligation: to do his job to the best of his ability while not being influenced by anyone. He’s already proven to have done that.

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