Rudy Giuliani’s Ties to Russia

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Rudy Giuliani and President Donald J. Trump

Rudy Giuliani’s Ties to Russia

Original reporting by Cristina Maza of Newsweek

President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani like the President, has connections to Russia as published earlier this week in Newsweek.

For one, it was just last month that Giuliani participated in a Russian led economic forum, but Giuliani’s ties to Russia date back to his time as the Mayor of New York city.

Start with Semyon Kislin that per FBI and Interpol reports, has been laundering money to the United States and donated money to Giuliani’s campaign for mayor in the nineties, and was a member of the mayor’s council until Giuliani left office in 2001.

Another couple, Viktor and Leila Khrapunov, the former mayor of the Kazakh city of Almaty, were convicted of fraud and for laundering $10 billion that was stolen from their country, also have ties to Giuliani’s former law firm. The couple is currently in Switzerland to avoid extradition, but Giuliani had an office in Kazakhstan, the same year that Khrapunov became mayor of Almaty. Giuliani’s law firm used its office in Kazakhstan to collect donations from U.S. expats when Giuliani was running for President in 2008.

There’s there is Trump adviser Felix Sater who was born in Russia, has a criminal history, and has stated that he worked with the CIA in the past as an informant. Sater helped set up the Khrapunovs buy three condos in Trump Tower Soho, and the properties were quickly flipped most likely to launder money. Sater was also trying to set up a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Giuliani’s law firm helped establish a company in the Netherlands through which some of Khrapunovs’ money was funneled through.

Earlier this year, Avaaz, a human rights organization based in New York, filed a complaint asking Dutch courts to investigate two companies that were set up in the Netherlands to launder some of the Khrapunovs’ stolen funds. The companies are Bayrock B.V., the Dutch subsidiary of Sater’s former employer Bayrock Group LLC, and KazBay B.V which was set up by Giuliani’s firm., another company Bayrock Group opened for the Khrapunovs.

Even last month, Giuliani spoke at an event alongside alongside Sergei Glazyev who has been sanctioned by the United States.




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Special Counsel Robert Mueller and former President Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Is There a Mueller and Manafort Surprise Coming Soon

Paul Manafort who was convicted of eight counts of fraud by Mueller’s prosecutors, has been cooperating with the Special Counsel. Both sides submitted a status report on Friday to U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, asking for an additional ten-day extension, until November 26.

The court filing isn’t specific as to a plea deal, but it does state the extension will allow for “a report that will be of greater assistance in the court’s management of this matter.”

The report was ordered by Judge Jackson on September 14, 2018 and due on November 6, 2018. Since September, Manafort has been meeting with prosecutors, but the details of the negotiations remain unknown. What could be the big news that is coming soon? Reasonable speculation includes naming Donald Trump, Jr. who was at the Trump Tower meeting with Manafort, maybe even Roger Stone in an indictment. Stone and Manafort were partners years ago in a lobbying firm.

Rick Gates, former partner of Manafort has been cooperating with Mueller from the beginning, even testifying against Manafort. Gates also had his status report pushed back to January of 2019.

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