Rudy Giuliani’s Useless Threat to Michael Cohen

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Tom Cruise in “A Few Good Men.”

Rudy Giuliani’s Useless Threat to Michael Cohen

Rudy Giuliani has had a very successful career, but there is no doubt in representing his most high-profile client in President Trump, he will say anything just to get before another camera and appeal to Trump’s base, even when stories contradict themselves from one day to the next.


Yesterday, Giuliani did an interview with ABC News. In his interview, Giuliani said that Michael Cohen had been warned against releasing the tape between him and President Trump discussing the payoff of Karen McDougal.

Giuliani said Cohen is in “grave danger of being disbarred.”


Right now, images of “A Few Good Men,” flashes before my eyes. I see Tom Cruise playing the part of Lieutenant Daniel Kaffe, where he asks Colonel Nathan R. Jessup (Jack Nicholson) in what I believe leads up to one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history, if Private First Class Santiago was in “grave danger?”

Colonel Jessup- “Is there another kind?”

But, we know how that scenes end, don’t we?

Colonel Jessup: “You want answers?”

Lieutenant Kaffe: “I think I’m entitled.”

Colonel Jessup: “You want answers?”

Lieutenant Kaffe: “I want the truth!”

Colonel Jessup: “You can’t handle the truth!”


Let’s forget for a second that Giuliani waived attorney-client privilege as to the McDougal tape. I’m not sure why, it really makes no sense. Regardless, the fact is, don’t you think that Cohen knows at the end of the day he will be disbarred? He’s got much bigger fish to fry and saving his bar license isn’t on that list.

As I’ve said before, history is repeating itself. The same way Giuliani is an older version of Cohen, is the same way that Cohen is the younger version of John Dean, the former and disbarred attorney in the Nixon Watergate Scandal.

Even former President Bill Clinton was disbarred in Arkansas for the Monica Lewinsky scandal. So, a former President of the United States got disbarred you don’t think Cohen will, too?

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Under normal circumstances, it’s arguable that Michael Cohen would had been disbarred a long time ago, but, it should be noted Cohen has yet to be arrested, so to the best of our knowledge, he hasn’t committed any crimes that would warrant disbarment, and recording his client in President Trump in New York isn’t against the law anymore than taking notes of their meeting would had been.

However, knowing how the State Bar works, my guess is simple, look towards Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

I think it is very conceivable that Mueller has spoken to the New York State Bar and has requested as a courtesy that anything pending with Cohen to be put on hold.

If and when, disbarment proceedings are filed against Cohen, Mueller could always state how Cohen was integral in the investigation and that leniency should be considered.

It’s just another “ace up the legal sleeve” of Bob Mueller’s legal team.

As to Giuliani: we do want answers and we want the truth. And no matter how difficult it may be in dealing with the truth, we are entitled.

The truth shall set us free.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
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