Russell Crowe’s Divorce Auction

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Actor Russell Crowe, Sotheby’s Australia Catalogue

Russell Crowe’s Divorce Auction

format updated August 17, 2018

Well, there is no doubt divorce sometimes results in financial troubles and at times couples have to borrow money or sell off assets, or maybe they simply want to get rid of certain items, and in this case, Russell Crowe is no different.


Russell Crowe who is getting divorced from Danielle Spencer, is holding a public auction titled  “The Art of Divorce” that will take place in Sotheby’s Australia.

The public auction includes movie memorabilia, as much as two hundred items ranging from a replica chariot and body armor from the movie Gladiator, to a British naval dress blues, neo-Nazi boots, and a satin boxer’s robe. There will also be cars, jewelry, paintings, guitars, and motorcycles for sale. There is a violin estimated to be worth three million dollars.

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