Russia Going After Our Power Grids

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Russia Going After Our Power Grids

In prior blog I asked whether the United States will be safe from another Russian hacking of our elections. The answer is not at the rate we are going.


Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri had a hacking attempt on her computer system just this past week. The internet Russian troll farms are well documented as well as their technique of phishing, spreading fake stories, and creating discord through social media.

Russia wanted to create chaos, and it did, without having to invade U.S. territories or fire a single shot. What did it cost? A few laptops, an internet connection, and some ads on Facebook.

Put that into perspective to understand that the face of war has changed and the damage that could be inflicted on governments, citizens, and financial markets.

Now, Russia is taking chaos to the next step according to the Department of Homeland Security. Next on the list- power grids!

This story isn’t new and has been floating around in the news cycle for the last few weeks, but hopefully there is more public awareness so that as individuals, we can take the proper steps and procedures to protect ourselves.

The Department of Homeland Security reports that last year, Russia was able to infiltrate control rooms of power plants. Hundreds of residents were victims in what may seem to be a trial run. Imagine the chaos that could be created by shutting down cities, especially on election day. People panic, there is no doubt. I’ve dealt with enough hurricanes living in Miami to know that.

Russia is already tied into the hacking of the power grid in Ukraine, no doubt practice rounds for when they set their sights on the United States. A positive step forward is that the government has been speaking out publicly of the hacks, although in the past to avoid panic, the government did the exact opposite.

“Russia continues to engage in cyber warfare against our democracy.” – Senator Clair McCaskill

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