Russia Seeks to Cover its Tracks in Robert Mueller Investigation

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Roger Stone at his office in south Florida. I don’t get the Richard Nixon obsession, but now he can say he has worked for two impeached Presidents (Nixon resigned before he was impeached). Carl Juste/Miami Herald/TNS via Getty Images

Russia Seeks to Cover its Tracks in Robert Mueller Investigation

This will be hard to believe, but, it only shows to what extent Russia and election meddling is involved with President Trump and his administration.

Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller is a former employee of Roger Stone. Miller was subpoenaed to testify before the Grand Jury and he failed to appear, resulting in a contempt ruling against him.

Miller originally tried to quash the subpoena. Since then, Miller has filed an appeal on the contempt charge as lawyers are trying to get an unconstitutional ruling on Mueller’s investigation, hoping that carries over to everyone else from the bottom to the top.

How is Russia involved in Miller’s case? A Russian firm wants to join Miller’s appeal!

Concord Management and Consulting, LLC is seeking to get involved in Miller’s appeal according to a motion filed by Mueller’s team.

Prosecutors allege that Concord is nothing more than the financing arm of a Russian troll farm known as IRA- Internet Research Agency. The IRA is currently facing charges on conspiracy and fraud.

Miller has already said he doesn’t support President Trump as he is a libertarian and claims to know nothing about Russia or election meddling. One question then: why not testify? Answer: because he will end up pleading the Fifth, which begs the question, then what does he know?

On the one hand, Miller says I see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. On the other hand, he will plea the Fifth before the Grand Jury. You can’t have it both ways. It’s obvious he knows something that seriously ties Roger Stone to Russia, most likely Guccifer 2.0.

So, now we have the attorneys representing Miller, who are being bankrolled by Michael Caputo’s legal defense fund, working in conjunction with an organization tied into a Russian troll farm!

And yet, people continue to yell at the top of their lungs no collusion with Russia and this is all a witch hunt organized by the deep state.

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