Russia’s Three Prong Attack on the U.S.- Prong 3

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President Vladimir Putin and President Trump

Russia’s Three Prong Attack on the U.S.- Prong 3

Russia’s third prong of attacks on the United States was a little more complicated. It was going to happen, just not so fast and early in the game. The fact is for prong three to have worked the way it did, it required all the stars to align, and align it did.

Prong Three was Donald J. Trump, our now forty-fifth President of the United States. How did this happen?

Again, this was not part of the master plan, it just turned out that way and Russia took advantage of the situation. It’s better to be lucky than to be good.

Prong Three was really nothing more than an extension of the first prong which was Maria Butina.

Remember, Butina joined conservative causes such as gun control, specifically the NRA, and she aligned herself with Republicans. Why? To hopefully catch a big fish like a Congressman. Why else was she with Paul Erickson?

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Just like the Special Counsel Mueller investigation, you start at the bottom and work your way up. Butina used Erickson just to get her foot through the door.

Whether it be an affair or money donated through shell companies tied into Russia, Butina was there to create chaos, but as luck would have it, here comes Trump.

It is very well documented that Russia’s disinformation campaign with social media was designed to help Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton. Just do a search on my site for the numerous articles I have posted.

My latest one is below in Prong 2 which is the Whitepaper/New Knowledge Report that was presented to the Senate.

Prong 2 which is the disinformation of news, started years ago. Russia was playing the long game with their sites sharing real news for years to create credibility, until Trump came into the picture.

Russia no longer needed Butina and guess what, Butina was out the door literally, but since she was under FBI surveillance, she was arrested.

What’s the compromising material on President Trump? Well, for one it’s a fact that Trump had been trying to work a deal in Russia since the eighties as per my article below.

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He also held the Miss Universe Pageant there. Why Russia of all places? Remember, Trump was even giddy with excitement with the idea of meeting President Vladimir Putin. Trump even sent Putin a personal letter of invitation and there is one of his tweets below.

“Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss Universe Pageant in November in Moscow – if so, will he become my new best friend?”

Putin was smart, he kept his distance, but brought others into the picture like Michael Flynn that did a paid speech for RT- Russia’s state television network. No one expected President Trump to win, which is why Flynn was a surrogate.

Flynn was just trying to make his stock worth more, as did Trump. Flynn with his military background knows better than to be tied into Russia and now the extradition of a Turkish cleric and not expect to get caught.

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Whether there is “kompromat” on Trump dating back to the eighties, time will tell, but for sure we have the Moscow Project, the building of a Trump Tower in Moscow. That alone was enough to complete Russia’s plan and bring full circle their three-prong attack. Think about it.

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We have a President that has at a minimum communications and business ties to a foreign enemy government. That alone is enough to create chaos, discord, and mistrust in government. Use the social media disinformation campaign and you have Russia just ratcheting it up.

Add to that the Trump Tower meeting. That was a set up by Russia from the beginning. The intent to create suspicion by getting everyone together in the room and because everyone involved lied about, guess what, suspicions were aroused and we are where we are today.

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