Russia’s Troll Farm Campaign Against Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed pleadings this week which states a Russian troll farm was releasing discovery evidence in his case against Concord Management and Consulting and doctoring the information to discredit his investigation.

“Certain non-sensitive discovery materials in the defense’s possession appear to have been altered and disseminated as part of a disinformation campaign aimed (apparently) at discrediting ongoing investigations into Russian interference in the U.S. political system,” the filing states.

Prosecutors said that some nonpublic files supplied to Concord’s defense attorneys were apparently altered and disseminated using the Twitter account @HackingRedstone, which has since been suspended.

The filing cites that on Oct. 22, 2018, a tweet claimed “we’ve got access to the Special Counsel Mueller’s probe database as we hacked Russian server with info from the Russian troll case Concord LLC v. Mueller. You can view all the files Mueller had about the IRA and Russia collusion. Enjoy the reading!” 

A link led to the discovery documents that were falsified. Mueller prosecutors were able to confirm that of 300,000 files and discovery material that was provided to Concord Management, 1,000 files were the same as previously provided.

Per the FBI, the account, the registered user and IP address is in Russia.

“The fact that the file folder names and folder structure on the webpage significantly match the non-public names and file structure of the materials produced in discovery, and the fact that over 1,000 files on the webpage match those produced in discovery, establish that the person(s) who created the webpage had access to at least some of the non-sensitive discovery produced by the government in this case,” the filing states.

“The use of the file names and file structure of the discovery to create a webpage intended to discredit the investigation in this case described above shows that the discovery was reproduced for a purpose other than the defense of this case,” prosecutors said in the 18-page filing. 

Concord is accused of funding the IRA (Internet Research Agency) and I previously wrote on August 30th that Russia was cleaning up its tracks in the Mueller investigation and now you have it.

Mueller’s office per the court filing states that the FBI determined that their computers had not been hacked, only that the documents were altered.

Remember the nude selfie Mueller had?

Originally, prosecutors argued that providing discovery documents to Concord, an extension of Russia, would only create national security risks.

That’s when lawyers for Concord Management argued limiting information would be detrimental to their case. They are right legally and thus, won that argument in court.

Concord Management even wrote in their pleadings if the nude selfie that was in Mueller’s possession would threaten national security. Now we see the results of that.

Concord Management in response to Mueller’s filing claims that maybe their documents were hacked in 2014, but the documents provided by Mueller started in 2018 which is an odd defense to make to say the least, but it shows how Russia continues to meddle in our elections, government, and now the Mueller investigation.

The pleading by Mueller can be seen below.

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