Saturday Morning News and Coffee

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Saturday Morning News and Coffee

Good morning on this Saturday. Nothing beats Saturday morning coffee knowing it’s the beginning of a long weekend.

So, let’s go over some of today’s headlines as we prepare for a well-deserved weekend of.


Senator Ted Cruz

The incumbent Senator so desperate to hold on to his seat as Beto O’Rourke keeps getting within a few percentage points of Cruz, invited President Trump to support him at a rally. The President who has never encountered a rally he doesn’t love has confirmed he will visit a rally in support of Cruz.

Senator Cruz was the butt of many jokes and insults from President Trump who hinted at having information on Cruz’s wife, implying infidelity and even accused Cruz’s father of somehow being involved in the assassination of JFK.

Then Cruz wonders why him and his wife are having problems.


The Trump Slump

Since scary Muslim- Socialist President Obama was going to take away all our guns, I’m still not sure how he could do this constitutionally, gun sales exploded. Now, the Trump Slump keeps slamming gun dealers and manufacturers economically as the fear of losing their guns no longer exists.


El Comandante Trump and the Media

President Trump will get one, if not many members of the media killed. At his rally in Indiana this past week, he continued his authoritarian rhetoric that the media is the enemy of the people.


Bruce Ohr and Trump Over a Barrel

In a post yesterday, Ohr who has been on the receiving end of multiple Twitter attacks from President Trump, said he was told that Russian Intelligence had “Trump over a barrel.”


John McCain Funeral Arrangements

John McCain leaves the Capitol Building today where he will be taken to the National Cathedral. There will be a brief stop at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial where Cindy McCain will lay a ceremonial wreath honoring all who were lost during the Vietnam War.

Enjoy your Saturday.

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