Sears’ Bankruptcy

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Sears proceeds with filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, closing hundreds of Sears and K-Mart locations.

Sears’ Bankruptcy

Late last week I posted that with a looming $134 million debt payment due, it was likely that Sears would file for bankruptcy. Early Monday morning Sears did just that, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, another bricks and mortar store that becomes victim of the retailer apocalypse.

For now, Sears plans to close 142 stores.

Sales for Sears has dropped $53 billion in 2006 to less than $17 billion last year.

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One of the Oldest Coal Companies in the U.S. Files for Bankruptcy

Westmoreland which has mines located in Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Ohio, North Dakota, Texas, and a coal-fired power plant in North Carolina, has filed for bankruptcy.


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Sears is Close to Bankruptcy

With a large upcoming debt payment due, Sears is close to filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


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List of Sears Locations Closing Due to Bankruptcy

A list of the stores closing so far due to Sears’ bankruptcy filing.



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Mattress Firm Retailer Files for Bankruptcy

Mattress retailer filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, closing hundreds of stores before the holidays.

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