See You in Two Weeks George Papadopoulos

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George Papadopoulos, former Trump adviser who pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators, will start his prison sentence Monday.


See You in Two Weeks George Papadopoulos


After voluntarily accepting a plea deal from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, then discrediting the entire investigation via tweets and Fox News, George Papadopoulos has run out of time.

Come Monday, the former Trump campaign adviser known as “coffee boy,” Papadopoulos will start his fourteen-day prison sentence.

Papadopoulos also has to pay a fine of $9,500 fine, has a year of probation, and 200 hours of community service.

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George Papadopoulos’ Tweets Haunt Him with Mueller

George Papadopoulos, who has been looking to renege on his plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, just learned a lesson I’ve been shouting from the rooftops from day one, and that is why can’t attorneys control their clients either with their Twitter usage or media interviews?

It will all come back to haunt them. It will with President Trump too, so Mr. President, please keep tweeting.

Papadopoulos who has been on the conspiracy bandwagon as of late and is saying he was set up by Mueller, had filed a motion to delay his sentence which was a sweetheart of a deal of only two weeks for lying to federal investigators and prosecutors.

He is to start his jail sentence come Monday.

Special Counsel Mueller and his team of prosecutors filed a motion using Papadopoulos own words against him by stating that the remorse he had in court when accepting his plea is now a one-eighty from his public posts on Twitter.

In court, Papadopoulos said Mueller’s investigation had “global implications and that the truth matters.” 

He also said he had “nothing but respect for the Court and the legal process” and was “grateful” to help with the investigation. On Twitter?

Prosecutors pointed out that Papadopoulos tweeted this was “the biggest case of entrapment!” In addition, Papadopoulos not only tweeted, but did media interviews with Fox stating he was considering withdrawing his guilty plea because he was framed.

He even tweeted that exculpatory evidence was hidden from him.

But it gets better. Then Papadopoulos tweeted that his “biggest regret” was pleading guilty. So, the million-dollar question- was he lying in court then, which would be more felony charges, or was he lying on Twitter?

Mueller’s motion can be found via this link.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
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