Senate Republicans Succumb to Political Pressure

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Senate Republicans Succumb to Political Pressure

It was no surprise that Republican senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee would push Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment through, and it was no surprise that Democrats would make efforts to slow it down past the midterm elections since they still have that bad taste in their mouth from Merrick Garland. But, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee hit a snag.

Pressure is no longer coming from the left, it’s coming from everywhere, and front and center is Senator Jeff Flake.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony yesterday was emotional, powerful, and gripping. Honestly, I teared up myself. I could feel Dr. Ford’s pain and fear through the television screen. Kavanaugh, well…

Judge Kavanaugh was also credible, but let’s be honest; his anger, his sarcasm, his attacks on Democrats including QAnon Deep State conspiracies on the Clintons wanting revenge after almost three decades for the Starr Report, that was a low point. I actually believed I was going to see a full-blown mental meltdown on national television. That rant which hopefully he was drinking when he did it, because if sober—Whoa Nelly. But, they may have cost him the seat.

Senator Jeff Flake voted for Kavanaugh, but he asked for a week delay in order to give the FBI the opportunity to investigate Dr. Ford’s allegations and potentially the other two accusers that have stepped forward in Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick. But, he’s not alone.

Just before Senator Flake was leaving for the Senate Committee Room, he was interrupted by two women who pleaded with him to do the right thing. It’s a moment unlike we have never witnessed before and whether it caused Senator Flake to make this decision, we don’t know, but you can hear the desperation in their voices and Senator Flake kept his head down, to the point one woman said look at me, don’t look away from me.

Just like with Dr. Ford, I could feel those women’s pain. Luckily, it was caught live by CNN and to say it was gut wrenching, that’s the understatement of the year.

Senator Flake did the right thing. The negative: he’s a man alone on an island. This should have been automatic.

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Below are the two women who confronted Senator Flake. I already posted they are bad ##### and heroes, but those words truly fall short. The confrontation video is below. It’s hard to watch without tears in your eyes.




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