Senator Ted Cruz Proves He’s an Idiot

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Ted Cruz announced that he is dropping out of the presidential race. Photo credit- Associated Press

Senator Ted Cruz Proves He’s an Idiot

Senator Ted Cruz is desperate. Only Cruz would think of inviting President Trump to one of his campaign rallies after the endless barrage of insults he received from Trump, including at his wife, Heidi. Then Cruz wonders why him and Heidi are having marital problems.

Cruz who seems to be following in President Trump’s strategy of divide and conquer and always make this a “us versus them,” told a crowd at a campaign rally this past Saturday that Democrats are raising “millions of dollars” to make Texas the next California. What’s wrong with California? Last time I checked, California was still part of the United States and a beautiful state I might add.

Cruz, the used car salesman lookalike, said Democrats are trying to transform Texas into California with its “tofu, silicon and dyed hair.”

Heidi is a vegetarian. Remember, what I said about marital problems? But, stupidity knows no limits and politics has no shame, check out the lack of gray on Cruz’s head. In addition, Heidi’s not a real blonde.

In referring to his wife, Cruz said “she’s wonderful, but I brought her to the great state of Texas.” So many things wrong with just that one sentence.

For one, you never say your wife is wonderful, then follow it up with a “but” because that means there is an exception to your statement, which he proves.

Secondly, he “brought” her to Texas? What is she property? Third, he’s implying that while she’s wonderful, he did bring her to Texas which sounds like she is doing something wrong. Remember what I said about marital problems? I give them twelve months max. If Cruz loses reelection, she is out the door in six months and unless Cruz promises not to return to politics, and then maybe, they have a chance.

Fourth, guess where Heidi is from.

As to silicon, I don’t know if he is referring to Silicon Valley, which I’m sure every state would love to have as their own, or silicone which is most likely his intention. You think they were any women attending the crowd with breast implants and dyed hair?

Let’s not forget that Cruz’s Twitter account liked a porn video.

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