Senator Warren, DNA, Trump and Pocahontas

Senator Warren has apologized to the Cherokee Nation for taking a DNA test to prove she has Native American ancestry.

Senator Warren communicated with the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, Bill John Baker.

Now you have President Trump who unapologetically continues to call Senator Warren “Pocahontas.” Where is the outrage? That’s not a racist, prejudice, divisiveness statement? Trump hasn’t done it once, he’s done it endlessly.

President Trump even retweeted a 2020 meme of Senator Warren that read 1/2020.

But, the right has outrage over Senator Warren while we have the most racist and divisive President in the history of the United States?

A President that even in a photo op with veteran members of the Navajo nation, Trump again mentioned the nickname “Pocahontas.”

Yet, the right living in their fact free zone wish to pretend that Senator Warren got a $400,000 a year job at Harvard for pretending she was Native American.

It’s Harvard! Not community college! It would have taken the Board of Trustees five seconds to know if that claim was true or false.

But then again, we live in a country where people are still stupid enough to believe that President Obama was born in Kenya and that Hillary Clinton has sex slaves in the basement of a pizza restaurant while she sells the country’s Uranium to Russia.

I hope that Senator Warren intends on using this moment as a way to set up President Trump so when he insults her again which is guaranteed, she says at least she has apologized and he hasn’t. But he never does and never will, and the sad part is that his base will eat that up like a Trump “hamberder.”

“I am not a person of color. I am not a citizen of a tribe. Tribal citizenship is very different from ancestry. Tribes, and only tribes, determine tribal citizenship, and I respect that difference,” Senator Warren.

Alexander Hernandez
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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