Senator Warren Speaking Out on Trump and the Shutdown

Senator Elizabeth Warren was at the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Breakfast in Boston as she continues to go after President Trump, blaming him for the government shutdown.

“As we speak, our government is shut down for one reason: So that the president of the United States can fund a monument to hate and division along our southern border. This is the old divide-and-conquer strategy. The goal is to turn hardworking people against other hardworking people. The intent is to promote fear and hatred.”

“If the president wants to negotiate over immigration reform, I’m all for it. But open the government and open it now.”

“It would guarantee the right to vote to every American citizen and make sure that that vote is counted. Right now there is no constitutional right,” Warren said after her speech. “It would help protect and give us grounds for pushing back when localities undercut the right of people to vote.”

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