Senior Drivers and Car Accidents – It’s not Good

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A new post from takes a look into the issues of senior citizens and car accidents.

Per and data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, Florida ranked first in the number of senior citizens involved in fatal car accidents.

Per the study, 42 million Americans are 65 and older and are licensed to drive, an increase of nearly 60 percent since 1999. Total traffic fatalities also increased 22 percent for seniors.

In 2017, 14 percent of all drivers involved in fatal accidents where senior citizens and Florida had 712 deaths.

If you haven’t faced this situation before, you will at some point in your life.

It wasn’t easy telling my father his driving days were over. I was taking away his independence, but what are the other options?

Put it this way: when I explained to my father and mother that God forbid he has a traffic accident where a fatality is involved and he kills someone, not only is criminal prosecution a given, but so is a civil lawsuit. Everything he had worked hard for could disappear overnight!

I was even involved in a car accident with a senior citizen that was 94 years old and even worse, her daughter was a police officer and definitely knew better. This senior could barely walk, nonetheless drive.

I understand the rationale behind it: it costs money and time and we are always short on both, but today’s technology, whether Uber to pick up/drop off your parent(s) somewhere, or even companies such as Amazon or major grocery retailers such as Publix that will deliver the food, trust me, it’s worth it.

You not only want to avoid the financial mess a fatality could cause, you also want a clear conscious.

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