Sex Crimes Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell is a Huge Gamble for Republicans

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Sex Crimes Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell is a Huge Gamble for Republicans

Rachel Mitchell is a sex crimes prosecutor from Arizona who no doubt is highly qualified as a prosecutor and has an excellent reputation, but, it’s still a huge gamble for the Republicans to have her question Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, not to mention Mitchell’s career moving forward.

Why Mitchell is involved is obvious and that goes back to the days of Anita Hill and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Fact is, the optics are bad. Rich, old, white men questioning Dr. Ford just won’t look good, thus, Rachel Mitchell.

But, here’s the thing with Mitchell. As a prosecutor, especially with her background, she’s tough and has to be in order to reach her level in the State Attorney’s Office.

Mitchell is tough on those she’s prosecuting, but this isn’t a trial and she can’t be tough on Dr. Blasey Ford unless Ford totally blows it and it becomes one hundred percent obvious she’s lying. But, what if Dr. Ford is not lying? What if she makes for an excellent witness? Mitchell has to slow down, take a step back, and little by little try to pick apart Ford’s story, but again, what if that doesn’t work?

What if in testifying, it becomes obvious to Mitchell that this shouldn’t end today, but more information and further investigation is required? And as part of that, Mitchell recommends that Mark Judge be subpoenaed?

Will the Republicans follow her advice, because my guess is the last thing Senator Chuck Grassley wants is to delay this another day and especially to listen to Judge who was placed as a witness in the room by Dr. Ford. Fact is as a prosecutor, Mitchell would want that information.

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