Shocking Video of Child Abuse at Migrant Shelter

This shocking video footage was recorded at Southwest Key Shelters in Maricopa County. The same county that Joe Arpaio was sheriff and who was pardoned by President Trump after being held in criminal contempt for his “immigration roundups.”

The video was first reported by the Arizona Republic and handed over to law enforcement. Which means had the newspaper company not requested the video footage, this may have gone unnoticed and the abuse would have continued.

There were three separate incidents recorded of migrant children being dragged, pushed and slapped by employees at Southwest Key’s and Hacienda Del Sol which has since closed.

To date, no criminal charges have been filed.

“(T)he investigation determined that while physical force and restraint techniques were used against these minor children, these actions did not rise to the level of criminal charges,” Sgt. Joaquin Enriquez said in a statement.

What I wonder is if psychological counseling is being offered to the children separated from their family whether by charitable organizations or the facilities themselves.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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