So- No Sex for Maria Butina

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Maria Butina

So- No Sex for Maria Butina

Federal Prosecutors have been saying all along that Maria Butina who is accused of being a Russian spy, was using sex in order to gain political influence.

This belief was based on text messages that were obtained, but, now prosecutors are walking back their statements saying they misread her text messages.

Her attorney, Robert Driscoll has been saying all along this just wasn’t true. And while those that want to believe this is a nothing burger, the fact is so what?

How many pieces of evidence do prosecutors have on Butina after being watched by the FBI for years? So, they got this one wrong.

Okay, I give them that, but this to me is no different than people yelling fake news at CNN because they produce hundreds of stories every day and get the most minute detail wrong, and by the way, when CNN does, they update their posts to confirm as such. But hey, who needs facts when you have an agenda to push.

Whether Butina had sex with one person or a hundred, won’t change the fact she spent years living in the United States as an unregistered Russian agent. If sex was used, it was just a means to an end. And besides, with the possibility that she is flipping on Paul Erickson, this sex no sex thing, means even less. But like always, throw a shiny object into the corner and people forget about everything.


When I was in law school many moons ago, my criminal law professor was always arguing the “totality of the circumstances.” Meaning, don’t just focus on thing, but look at the bigger picture. This is no different.

If you want to focus on one specific thing forever, good luck having a relationship that lasts more than three months. Does your spouse do something you are not a fan of? Okay- look at the bigger picture, the totality of circumstances.

What was the controversial text message? She sent a text message to a friend that she owed him sex for resolving an issue with her car insurance. That’s it. That’s the shiny object.

Prosecutors are only taking back their belief as to this one exchange of text messages. Again, prosecutors believe her relationship with Paul Erickson was just a cover, and again, if she’s flipping on him, doesn’t that make their point valid?

Here’s a better question- what kind of joke is that if she truly is involved in a serious relationship with Paul Erickson? Not a big deal? Then have your loved one send that text to an attractive person and let me know how you react.


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