So, North Korea is Michael Cohen’s Fault

I think it is safe to say that President Trump has never taken responsibility for any failure, so why would the North Korea Summit with Kim Jong Un be any different.

In a tweet, Trump blamed Michael Cohen and the Democrats.

“For the Democrats to interview in open hearings a convicted liar & fraudster, at the same time as the very important Nuclear Summit with North Korea, is perhaps a new low in American politics and may have contributed to the ‘walk.’ Never done when a president is overseas. Shame!”

Shame is our presidency.

When speaking to reporters in Hanoi, Trump said:

“It’s very interesting, because I tried to watch as much as I could,” Trump said. “I wasn’t able to watch too much because I’ve been a little bit busy. But I think having a fake hearing like that, and having it in the middle of this very important summit is really a terrible thing. They could’ve made it two days later or next week, and it would’ve been even better. They would’ve had more time.

If memory serves me correct, there were 16 million viewers watching Cohen’s testimony, and that doesn’t include all the replays of video on social media. Not too shabby.

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