Social Media and Election Meddling

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Social Media and Election Meddling

With so many stories in the news cycle, lots of stories get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes I tend to focus on those stories and issues, in order to help get the word out.

Within a short period of time, I’ve written numerous blogs on election meddling and Russian hacking. Why? Because it is a very serious problem.

While the 2016 election meddling was spreading fake new stories through social media and apparently, that plan was effective, it seems Russians are getting more adept at hacking into voting systems.

Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri had her system hacked into, Senator Bill Nelson continues to state that multiple Florida counties have been hacked as well.

At Def Con a hackers’ convention, an 11 year old hacked into a similar voting system within minutes. However, my concern is reports that Russia has been trying to hack into power grids.

Just imagine the chaos that could be created if power grids are shut off even if only for a few minutes. The rebooting of computers, additional delays, people leaving and not voting.

Imagine changing the names of candidates as the 11 year old hacker was able to accomplish, plus adding votes or deleting voter rolls.

Again, I continue to stress to go vote early and avoid all the negative consequences.

This week, again Facebook shut down 652 pages, accounts and/or groups that were spreading disinformation campaigns. Some pages were tied into Russia.

Just yesterday, I wrote about Microsoft uncovering hacking attempts by Russia’s Fancy Bear.

Some pages were associated with a group called the “Liberty Front Press” that was linked to Iran pages, and has been spreading misinformation in multiple countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Latin America and the Middle East.

In total, the “Liberty Front Press” had 254 Facebook pages and 116 accounts on Instagram, combined for 1 million followers.

For what I consider a little amount of money, between 2012-2017, $12,000 was spent on Facebook ads. Twitter also announced 284 fake accounts were removed.

When I see a post that is obvious, I tend to advise that person they posted something fake, if not, I just report it. Regardless of which party wins the elections, I think we can all agree we want an honest election, letting the best candidate win. That is what democracy requires.

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