Special Counsel Mueller Met with President Trump’s Pollster

In February of 2018, Special Counsel Robert Mueller met with political strategist Tony Fabrizio, who is a former business associate of Paul Manafort and President Trump’s former pollster.

Last week I had posted a blog on Manafort sharing polling data with Russians. This was confirmed via a court pleading by Manafort’s lawyers who failed to properly redact certain information in their pleading.

Fabrizio as Trump’s pollster, would be able to confirm if the data that Manafort provided to Russia is the same information that was in Trump’s campaign.

Again, this puts Trump’s campaign and Russia within inches of each other.

In an interview with CNN, Senator Mark Warner said: “this appears as the closest we’ve seen yet to real live actual collusion. Did the Russians end up using this information in their efforts that took place later in the fall where they tried using the Internet Research Agency and other bots and other automated tools on social media to suppress, for example, the African-American vote? Was that something that was driven by this campaign data that was turned over to the Russians?”

My prior post on Manafort providing data to the Russians can be seen below.

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