Special Counsel Mueller Offers Paul Manafort Nothing

With all the distractions from the arrest of Roger Stone, it’s easy to forget or not even realize that an important hearing took place on the same day between Paul Manafort and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

Andrew Weissman, one of the attorneys on Mueller’s team, was in court arguing that regardless of Manafort’s “cooperation,” he should not receive any leniency since he failed to comply with the terms of his plea deal.

No additional charges will be brought against Manafort, but I keep asking myself why is Manafort working so hard to stay in jail? My theory; it’s safer in prison than out.

Manafort has already been convicted on eight counts of fraud unrelated to the Trump campaign, and at his age, that’s a death sentence.

That’s when Manafort agreed to cooperate with Mueller, only to lie to him. This, after it seems that Manafort was providing polling data to Russians.

Manafort will also be sentenced on February 8th and Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker will be meeting with Congress to testify as well on the same date.

Michael Cohen was scheduled to testify on February 7th, retracted his voluntary appearance, only to receive a subpoena from the Senate to testify for February 12th before he turns himself into prison authorities to start his federal sentence.

Stick around and keep checking in, it’s going to be one hell of a week.

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