Special Counsel Robert Mueller “Is not Satisfied”

If Special Counsel Robert Mueller “is not satisfied” in dealing with you, well… you got a problem.

Apparently, Mueller isn’t satisfied and asked for a face-to-face interview with President Trump, but that request was denied by his legal team which is why Rudy Giuliani is all fluff.

If Giuliani wanted to end the “witch hunt” as he keeps lying that he does, then like I said from the beginning, sit down with Mueller. The fact that President Trump won’t sit down with Mueller, you can reach your own conclusions.

Special Counsel Mueller’s request comes after Trump’s legal team provided written answers to Mueller’s  questions. Keep in mind that Michael Cohen is scheduled to testify publicly on February 7th before Congress.

There’s no doubt that Cohen will be limited in what he can testify to in order to not affect the Mueller probe, but regardless, there will be bombshell revelations, which may force Trump’s hand for a sit-down.

Cohen’s testimony will be a publicity nightmare for President Trump and it already is. Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis, recently said that Cohen will describe what it is like to work for a “madman” for ten years.

If Trump wants to reduce the negative media attention, a sit-down would be how. The question is can Cohen bait him into one and I’m sure that is exactly will Cohen wants and will try to do.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
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