Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Latest News Related to Robert Mueller, Special Counsel assigned to investigate the 2016 Russia election meddling.


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Will We See Robert Mueller’s Memo on Paul Manafort

Since there is no plea deal between Paul Manafort and Robert Mueller, the question remains is will Mueller make public his legal memo that would expose Manafort’s dealings?


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What Is Paul Manafort Hiding

Plea negotiations between Special Counsel Mueller and Paul Manafort have ended, but looking at the bigger picture, what is Manafort holding out for?


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Read Michael Cohen’s Plea Deal

Read the plea deal filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.



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Read Michael Cohen’s Indictment

Robert Mueller filed his indictment against Michael Cohen. Read the full indictment here.


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Robert Mueller Calls Check- His Power Move with Michael Cohen

Special Counsel Mueller obtained another guilty plea today with Michael Cohen, a move that could set up a subpoena for President Trump.


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Thank You for the Early Christmas Gift Paul Manafort

Negotiations of a plea deal with Paul Manafort are over, but now Mueller will have to disclose publicly what Manafort is accused of lying about.


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Paul Manafort Wants to Die in Prison

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has requested that Paul Manafort be sentenced, after he has continued to lie to investigators.  The question is why is Manafort lying? To protect who?


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No Deal for Jerome Corsi

Jerome Corsi now saying he refuses to agree to a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


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Trump Screwed Again by a Republican Judge

In an important ruling which could lead to charges of collusion for President Trump and Russia, a federal judge appointed by Trump rules that collusion is a crime.



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See You in Two Weeks George Papadopoulos

After multiple losing arguments in court against Mueller’s prosecutors, Papadopoulos is headed off to prison to start his sentence as Mueller used Papadopoulos’ tweets against him.


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A Trump Mueller Interview Almost Happened

President Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller were scheduled to meet for an in-person interview.


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Jerome Corsi is Ready to Flip on Roger Stone

Jerome Corsi is ready to make a plea with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


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George Papadopoulos’ Tweets Haunt Him with Mueller

George Papadopoulos had filed a motion delaying his sentencing. Special Counsel Robert Mueller opposed the motion and used Papadopoulos’ tweets against him.


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Is There a Secret Subpoena Out for President Trump

Another court filing by Robert Mueller seems to indicate that Mueller may have subpoenaed President Trump.


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The Mueller – Trump Subpoena Showdown

Now that President Trump answered Robert Mueller’s questions, will Mueller proceed with a subpoena, or does he have what he needs for obstruction of justice charges.


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President Trump Submits His Answers to Robert Mueller

President Trump has submitted answers to Special Counsel Mueller’s questions regarding the Russia election meddling of 2016. The unanswered question is if Mueller will proceed with a subpoena or does Mueller have what he needs.


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Is There a Mueller and Manafort Surprise Coming Soon

Mueller has requested an extension in regards to Manafort’s plea deal, leading to speculation more indictments coming soon.


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President Trump Already Buried Himself with Mueller’s Questions

President Trump confirms that he answered Robert Mueller’s questions personally, rather than credit his attorneys, a big mistake.


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Attorneys to Congress- Protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller

More than 1,600 attorneys nationwide have signed a letter directed to Congress to protect the Robert Mueller investigation after concerns that Matthew Whitaker may fire the Special Counsel or cut off his funding for the Russia election meddling of 2016.


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Republicans Don’t Want to Protect the Mueller Investigation

A bill was introduce by Senator Jeff Flake to protect the Mueller investigation and what does Senator Mitch McConnell do? He blocks it.


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George Papadopoulos Wants to Delay His Sentencing

After being convicted for lying to federal prosecutors, Papadopoulos is looking to delay his 14 day jail sentence which begins this month, banking on Andrew Miller, a former associate of Roger Stone, to win on appeal on Mueller’s appointment as being unconstitutional.


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Jerome Corsi is Running Scared – Indictment Coming

Jerome Corsi, founder of the birther movement, knows his indictment is here.


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Julian Assange Gets Indicted

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, has been indicted by U.S. prosecutors, which could lead to trouble for the Trump administration especially if Assange was to accept immunity from Robert Mueller.


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The Noose on Roger Stone is Getting Tighter

Jerome Corsi, an associate of Roger Stone and former bureau chief for Infowars, stated on his show he will be indicted for perjury by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller has been looking into the WikiLeak dump of Hillary Clinton’s emails.


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Federal Court Looks into the Jeff Sessions’ Firing and the Mueller Probe

An appellate court has requested legal memos from Robert Mueller on how the firing of Jeff Sessions will affect Mueller’s ongoing case with Andrew Miller, a former associate of Roger Stone who has been challenging the Mueller subpoenas.


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President Trump Involved with Stormy Daniels’ Hush Payment

New reporting has David Pecker from the National Enquirer working with President Trump in violation of campaign finance laws. Pecker has an immunity deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


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Tick. Tock. Donald Trump, Jr.

There are increasing concerns by White House officials and Donald Trump, Jr. of an indictment from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.



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Roger Stone Retains My Former Law Professor

I don’t deny I’ve been keeping an eye on Roger Stone from day one and have believed he is the key to the WikiLeaks email hack of Hillary Clinton and the DNC (Democratic National Committee).


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George Papadopoulos is Playing Games

George Papadopoulos is considering to withdraw his agreement with Special Counsel Robert Mueller claiming he was set up by the government.


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Did Robert Mueller Subpoena President Trump

Per President Trump, he has not received a subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller. Considering Trump lies on average eight times a day that we know of, I won’t necessarily take him at his word.


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The Robert Mueller Sexual Assault Scandal

Robert Mueller has been implicated in a false sexual assault allegation that has resulted in the FBI investigating.


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Hurry Up and Take Your Time- Rudy Giuliani

Now that Rudy Giuliani “finally” got questions from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, when is President Trump answering it? No time soon.


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If Julian Assange is Coming to the United States- Trump’s Team is in Trouble

Per WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Ecuador is seeking to end his asylum in the embassy in London and hand him over to the United States. What does this mean for President Trump and his campaign? It’s not good.


breaking news trump, trump russia collusion, news today trump, trump newsRobert Mueller is Ready to Show His Hand

Sources close to Robert Mueller’s team of prosecutors are saying that the Russia probe and Trump’s campaign is close to being finalized.


michael cohen investigation, rudy giuliani, robert mueller trump golf courseMueller’s Questions for President Trump

Special Counsel Robert Mueller provides fifteen questions in writing for President Trump to answer.


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Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska loses his $42 million mansion. He was requested by the FBI to cooperate with the Mueller investigation.


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Per the plea deal with Paul Manafort, Robert Mueller takes steps to forfeit five of his properties and three bank accounts.



roger stone recordings, robert mueller trump collusion, mueller grand juryRoger Stone’s Interviews Will Get Him Busted

Mueller’s team of prosecutors is looking into radio interviews between Randy Credico and Roger Stone to determine his communications with Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks.


brett kavanaugh investigations, fbi investgations kavanaughPaul Manafort Meets with Robert Mueller- What a Week

After pleading guilty a month ago, Paul Manafort met with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.



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