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State Politics and News

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President Trump Makes it All About Him Today Instead of John McCain

With the nation mourning the loss of John McCain, the President takes steps to make sure the focus is on him.


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Senator John McCain’s Funeral Arrangements

John McCain’s funeral arrangements include being buried at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.


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Senator John McCain to Lie in State at Capitol Building

Senator John McCain will lie in state in the U.S. Capitol. This is a rare honor as it has only been done before with thirty-one others over the last 166 years.


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Governor’s Race for the State of Kentucky

Kentucky’s Governor Matt Bevin, Republican, is running for re-election.


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Arizona’s Kelli Ward is Another GOP POS

Here’s a beauty: Arizona’s Kelli Ward says John McCain released the news of his ending cancer treatment in order to sabotage her campaign.


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Weekend of Mass Shootings in Jacksonville, Florida

Two mass shootings occurred this week in Jacksonville, Florida. One at a high school football game and now one at a gaming convention.


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Reality Winner Get Sentenced for Leaks

Reality Winner is the former contractor for the National Security Agency who released classified documents in reference to the Russia election meddling of 2016 election.


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Google, YouTube Fake Accounts Shut Down

As the midterm elections get closer, social media companies are shutting down fake sites.


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Duncan Hunter Deserves Worse Than Prison

U.S. Representative Duncan Hunter is as dirty and morally bankrupt as they come. He’s failed as a Congressman, a husband, and now as a father.


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Koch Brothers Fund Governor Scott Walker

As always, hiding through fake names and companies, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker received $1.8 million from the Koch Brothers, Charles and David Koch.


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Florida’s Election Hacking Gets Stranger by the Minute

The Department of Homeland Security says Florida is safe. Senator Bill Nelson says the opposite. And Senator Marco Rubio… double-talk.


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DNC Not Hacked- Update to Prior Post

Let’s step back in time a couple of days. The DNC was not hacked. False alarm. But why?


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