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dnc redistricting committee jobs, dnc security systemsHackers Go After the DNC

The DNC was already a target during the 2016 Presidential election, and now they have been hacked again.


microsoft corporation, fancy bear russia, mid term electionsSocial Media and Election Meddling

Election meddling and hacking by Russia continues to be a threat to our democracy and worse yet, the government isn’t prepared.


, miami immigration court, jeff sessions on immigration, trump sanctuary cities, abogado en miami en inmigracion,Miami Chosen By Jeff Sessions and Department of Justice for New Crime Program

Attorney General Jeff Sessions chooses Miami for a crime program, but it’s nothing more than a way to round up more immigrants.


rick santorum rape comment, democrat-republican party, republican party platformRick Santorum and GOP Logic

The GOP defense of the Robert Mueller investigation has to end because it’s so close to the elections is another way of saying we fear losing the elections.



congressman hunter, duncan congressman indicted,Another GOP Member- Duncan Hunter Indicted

Duncan Hunter and his wife are being indicted for mis-using campaign funds.



last day to mail in ballots, when does early voting end,Early Voting is the Way to Go

Vote early. Avoid complications and long lines.



lock her up chants, west virginia early voting, basket of deplorables“Lock Her Up”- West Virginia Rally

As those in the Trump orbit either take guilty pleas, are cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, or are indicted and/or convicted, what’s a Trump rally without “lock her up chants.”


florida commissioner of agriculture, early voting in florida, when does early voting end in floridaEarly Voting on College Campuses an Issue in Duval County

A new law allows for college campuses to set up as early voting locations.



mid term election predictions, microsoft hacking scamRussia Ratcheting Up Hacking Our Mid-Term Elections

Election meddling by Russia is going away anytime soon. Now, Microsoft has uncovered new attempts.


breitbart news daily, breitbart news headlinesSteve Bannon Worried About the Blue Wave

“If you don’t stop the blue wave, your heads won’t be the only ones that roll — President Donald Trump’s will, too.”



yougove polls, blue wave predictions, mid term election predictionsNew Polls by CBS News and YouGov Gives Edge to Democrats

New polls show the Democrats are taking the lead for the upcoming midterm elections, but this isn’t the time to be complacent.




early voting in highlands county florida, early voting in martin county florida,Early Voting in Florida- Locations

Early voting locations in the state of Florida.


santanic statute arkansas, parkland school shootingIn God We Trust- Florida Schools

A new law in Florida requires that public schools have posted signs reading “in God we Trust.”


florida elections hacked, russia election meddling, senator marco rubioSenator Bill Nelson- I Stand by My Statements- Florida Election Hacking

The Department of Homeland Security says Florida’s elections are safe, but Senator Nelson continues to say otherwise.



national student clearinghouseFlorida GOP Fraudster Melissa Howard is Out

BUSTED! Melissa Howard GOP candidate in Florida’s House of Representatives.


what is a charter school, what are charter schoolsMiami Dade County School Board Wins First Amendment Case

Two school board employees get fired and they respond with a First Amendment violation.



transgender running for governor, vermont governor race resultsWhy Worry- Christine Hallquist

Christine Hallquist is breaking every political barrier you can think of, but we’ll start with being the country’s first transgender governor.


mid term election predictions, microsoft hacking scamOur Elections Won’t Be Hacked. Just Kidding.

Are we any safer from Russia election meddling? What steps are being done by the federal government and states to protect our votes?


nra political victory fund, nra carry guardNRA Political Grades and Political Victory Fund

The NRA rates all candidates. Here are the ratings for the candidates in your state.


congress new york times, chris collins arrestGOP Republican Chris Collins from New York is Out

President Trump’s first backer in Congress promised to fight against charges of insider trading, but he has now officially resigned.


Chief Justice Margaret Workman, Justice Allen Loughry, Justice Robin Davis and Justice Elizabeth Walker




Impeachment for the Entire West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals

The entire Supreme Court of West Virginia is being impeached.



NRA political victory fund,nra financial trouble, is nra going bankrupt, national rifle association magazineGovernor Andrew Cuomo to NRA – See You in  Court

Governor Cuomo in his continuous battle with the NRA, now says I’ll see you in court.


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