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State Politics & News

gun shows, national rifle association, nra membershipAnti-Gun Protests in Miami, Florida

Now, in a push by Miami Democrats, they are hoping to have future gun shows that is located on county property canceled.



marijuana legislation, pro marijuana, new yourk medical marijuana dispensaryGot Weed- New York Considers Marijuana Legislation

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York recently announced fifteen “listening sessions” with the idea of getting public input on the issue of legalizing marijuana.


what is reverse racism, institutional racism, robo callers, florida governor, #votegillum, ron desantisRacism in Florida’s Race for Governor

Racism is alive and well in my home state of Florida. Just after the primaries were decided in Florida, the Republican nominee Ron DeSantis comes out and says let’s not “monkey this up” in an interview with Fox.


house of representative minnesota, i want to be your n-wordKyle Greene- I Want to be Your N—– (N-word)

I will start off by saying I apologize to the African-American community because I cannot believe in 2018, ignorance and racism still rule supreme in this country.


john mccain funeral arrangements, john mccain not a war hero, trump mccain

Meghan McCain Done Right by her Father and the Country

Meghan McCain had a powerful eulogies along with some advice for Republicans and President Trump.



real clear politics, americans for prosperityBe On the Lookout- Koch Brothers Coming to Your State

With the mid-term elections coming up, this was expected. So keep an eye out for the Koch brothers with their ads in order to separate fact from fiction.



acolyte, florida election resultsFlorida’s Racist GOP POS Ron DeSantis

Now, my own state of Florida has a POS running for Governor and no surprise he is a racist.




white house tours, washington dc white house tour ticketsJohn McCain Was the Last of Old School Republicans

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell instead is looking to start a bipartisan panel to figure out how to honor McCain.



andrew gillum for governor, florida primary election results, florida governor election resultsFlorida’s Race for Governor 

For the Democrats, it’s Andrew Gillum and for the Republicans, it’s Ron DeSantis in the race for Governor of Florida.



feeding the homeless fort lauderdale,First Amendment to the United States ConstitutionNow It’s NOT Against the Law to Feed the Homeless in Fort Lauderdale

Only in south Florida could the Sheriff’s Office make it a crime to feed the homeless, even when you are 90 years old.


adam schiff, devin nunes londonCan We Impeach Devin Nunes Already

Who exactly does Devin Nunes work for? The President of the United States or his constituents in California?


mass shooting democrats, mass shooting by countryFlorida Politics and the Jacksonville Mass Shooting

The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas was earlier this year. What laws have changed since then?



student loan forgiveness, student loan wisconsin, student loan forgiveness jobsWisconsin Governor Scott Walker Student Loan Debt Proposal

Wisconsin Governor is proposing new rules in order to keep students in the state.




average student loan debt, student loan debt calculator, consolidating student loan debtAnother Resignation- Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Frotman accuses the Trump Administration and Mulvaney of having –“turned its back on young people and their financial futures.”



midterm elections 2018, what does rino mean in politics, rino politics,What’s a RINO- Steve Bannon

Yup, as long as they have an (R) in front of their name, vote for them. Sounds like Bannon, President Trump and the GOP are running scared.



trump mccain funeral, mccain final wordsSenator John McCain’s Final Words to the Country

Senator John McCain wrote his final words that were read aloud today by his former campaign manager Rick Davis.



beto o'rourke for senator, running against ted cruzTexas Rally for “March on Washington”




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