Still Believe Trump Graduated at the Top of His Class? LOL

Suffice to say that many times on social media a Trump supporter has told me that the President graduated at the top of his class.

Of course, I would provide proof of the opposite, but Trump supporters tend to have an aversion to the truth.

Students that attended college with Trump and were on the Dean’s List, have endlessly provided a copy of the list to major media networks and it showed that Trump’s name was never present.

Yesterday, with Michael Cohen testifying before the House Oversight Committee, one of the documents he provided followed by his testimony was that President Trump threatened his high school and college with lawsuits if they published his grades.

It just goes to show how petty Trump is and as Cohen said, he’s nothing but a “con man.”

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Below is the letter sent by Michael Cohen on behalf of President Trump to Fordham University. By the way, read the post script. What the f### is that?

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