Stop Harassing Creditor Calls


Those harassing creditor calls never seem to stop. In addition to that, you have robo-callers calling a dozen times a day. But what can you do about creditors calling you?

Debt collectors are ruthless in their practices. Fact is, many of them lie not only to you, but to me as well. I once had a debt collector argue with me that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn’t get rid of a judgment. I had to remind him who had the law degree.

Debt collectors threaten you all the time with jail if you don’t pay. That’s just not true. Sometimes, they say you are responsible for the debts of your children and spouse. Also not true. So how do you stop creditors from harassing you? The simplest way is to retain my services.

Once you retain my services for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, even with no money down, when a creditor calls, you can refer them straight to my office where they call me to verify you are indeed filing for bankruptcy. If so, creditors stop calling.

The problem is not every bankruptcy lawyer is the same. Some law offices require that you pay your balance in full before they take creditor calls. When consulting with a bankruptcy attorney, ask if they ask accept creditor calls once you start your case.

And once you hire a bankruptcy lawyer, if the creditor calls a second time after you told them you hired a lawyer, threaten them with a lawsuit on the Fair Debt Collections Act. And don’t answer their questions such as did you already file for bankruptcy? What is the bankruptcy case number? Etc.

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Attorney Alex Hernandez

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