Stormy Daniels’ Husband Files for Divorce

Stephanie Clifford, better known as adult film star Stormy Daniels, is getting divorced. (Getty Images)

Married to Glendon Crain, (aka Brendon Miller), Crain filed for divorce in Texas along with a restraining order. The restraining order was granted.

Crain’s divorce petition references that Stormy is taking their daughter on tour.

This will involve the child being on her tour bus with other adult performers and producers. This will place my child in eminent threat of serious and immediate physical or emotional harm.

Crain is a former porn actor and producer, so is Stormy Daniels. Nothing against adult film stars, but the very argument he makes in order to have temporary custody of their daughter, is the very same person he is as well as his wife. Good luck with that argument in court, although it obviously worked for the restraining order which I’ll explain later why.

Crain also claims in his petition that Stormy Daniels committed adultery.

Restraining Orders

Unfortunately, restraining orders and divorce go hand-in-hand. Of course, sometimes there are valid reasons to file for a restraining order. Daniels had filed a restraining order in the past against Crain, but dismissed it a few days before the bombshell revelation of her and President Trump.

Rubber Stamp

When a restraining order is filed, there is no hearing. A judge will make a determination based on the petition, on whether to grant the restraining order or not. Rarely, have I seen a Petition for Injunction for Domestic Violence in Florida denied initially.

It may be denied at the brief trial, but not the petition stage. It’s basically a rubber stamp.

When the petition is granted, the Petitioner (filing party) will have temporary possession of the marital home and custody of the minor children. Exactly what Crain got with his petition.

During this time period, there cannot be any contact between the parties, including the minor children.

In Florida, domestic violence hearings are heard within two weeks. Which means for two weeks, a parent will not have any contact with their child or a place to live.

The stress it puts on a Respondent weighs heavily. And if the restraining order is granted at the domestic violence hearing, then it is another way to continue to twist the arm of the Respondent in order to get a favorable settlement.

Husband/Wife Privilege and President Trump

So, will Crain reveal juicy information about Stormy Daniels and President Trump? Not likely. The same way there is attorney/client privilege, there is a husband/wife privilege.

Considering the publicity surrounding Daniels and Trump, it doesn’t mean he may not try to find a loophole in order to cash in.

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