Subpoena Matthew Whitaker Now

After Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s defiant and disrespectful testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, what does he do? He visits Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. CNN’s Maggie Haberman first reported this story.

This, after he supposedly doesn’t talk to President Trump about the Mueller investigation or apparently anything else with anyone else. In addition, Whitaker said he would not comment on the Emoluments Clause lawsuit but Trump International is the focus of the lawsuit.

The reason for Whitaker’s visit to the hotel is unknown, but fact is his arrogance is such he couldn’t wait a day or two to go.

Whitaker has already refused to answer many questions from the Judiciary Committee, so it’s likely that Jerry Nadler will subpoena him. Nadler has also stated he did not find Whitaker credible.

What Democrats should do is subpoena Whitaker as a private citizen and either force him to answer additional questions or plead the Fifth. As a private citizen, he will no longer have the backing of the Justice Department.

Alexander Hernandez
Twitter @mcatty_alex

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker

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