Sunday Morning Coffee- Green Cards and the Trump Tower Meeting

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Sunday morning coffee in bed and today’s headline news.

Sunday Morning Coffee- Green Cards and the Trump Tower Meeting

Sunday morning coffee; nothing like it. But, the news doesn’t rest, so let’s review what’s going on with today’s headline news.

Got Green Card?

We’ve seen every imaginable step towards reducing, if not getting rid of immigrants all together. We also see the Trump administration losing consistently in court with their anti-constitutional policies, but the latest?

If you received public benefits, your green card could be denied.

Only in Trump’s America

U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar is from Arizona, but this isn’t your typical Republican campaign. Six of his brothers and sisters are in campaign ads for his opponent, a Democrat.

The siblings are embarrassed by Gosar and last year seven siblings wrote a letter to the local newspaper criticizing their brother for his conspiracy theories, especially that George Soros collaborated with Nazis.

Thanksgiving will be interesting. I wrote the same once about Stephen Miller.

The President Goes to War Against With the Justice Department

If I were only given access to the Justice Department so I can do a morale study. I’m pretty sure it is at its lowest levels ever.

Now, while campaigning in Missouri, President Donald Trump said there will be more firings to get rid of the “lingering stench.” I’ve compared President Trump to Fidel Castro many times, especially when it comes to creating invisible enemies. It’s not so sad that he has such a distorted twisted view of reality, is that others actually believe him.

The Trump Tower Meeting

Rob Goldstone is the British publicist that scheduled the Trump Tower meeting. Now, we are finding out that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators have interviewed with Goldstein several times and he testified before the grand jury.

Is Donald Trump, Jr. in trouble? If you ask me, yes. If you ask Roger Stone, yes!

Enjoy the rest of your day and keep checking in on further breaking news stories.

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